Canal Folk Tunes

These Tunes were played by many of the performers at the Canal Heritage Concert. Please e-mail if you would like us to publish additional songs or tunes or links to songs or tunes on this page.

Back to the Boat - By Tim Howes (c) 2003
Back to the Boat

Night by the meadow - By Steph Pirrie (c) 2014
Night by the meadow - in D
Night by the meadow - in Bb

The dance goes like this:
Couples facing partners (can be done in a circle as a mixer)

1-4 Balance & kick & dosidoh
4-8 Repeat
8-12  Right hand turn, left hand turn
12 - 16 Clap own thighs, Right clap partner, own thighs, Left clap partner, own thighs, two hands twice  - repeat again

Salmon Tails - traditional
The Canal in October - Jane Rouse and Tim Howes
The Canal in October